sure that this dish is a winner

It is probably the most well-loved of condiments, popular with both kids and adults alike, addictive alongside chicken nuggets or deep-fried tenders for dunking. It was only a matter of time before I came up with a healthier & slightly more grown-up dish as an excuse to eat copious amounts of this golden sauce. Chicken was a natural choice. Adding potatoes meant it would be a complete one-pot dish, which in turn meant less washing up and more carby deliciousness to suck up all that scrumptious sauce. WIN!

I once shared a photo of this dish on my personal instagram account, pre-blog, and the amount of people who asked for the recipe was overwhelming, so I shared a rough recipe and was surprised at the number of people who actually made it and reported that it has become one of their most popular meals!
Let me share a secret with you…people are sorta lazy when it comes to trying new recipes. Trust me, I know lol. It takes something special to get people to step out of their comfort zones and be willing to take a chance on an unfamiliar dish. This is how I know for sure that this dish is a winner.

You start off by browning some onions. This step is optional but adds tons of flavour and depth to the dish. Having a cast iron skillet or a pan/skillet that goes on the stove top AND in the oven is a big time-saver and means you will really only use one piece of cookware for the whole dish. However, if you don’t have one you can just cook the onions in any old pan and then transfer them to an oven-safe dish afterwards. No worries.

These lentils held up their texture

It is still winter here…and since I have spent most of my weekend, with my mom and daughter in hospital, waiting on a prognosis for my dad, I hadn’t really checked the temperature. Seeing, we were in the teens and twenties the beginning of the week, I bundled up thinking it would be cold this weekend too. But, when my daughter and I decided to stretch our legs and walk around outside, I was sweating like I had run a mile Maggie Beauty
Came in to find out that it was 68 degrees here today!Feeling Good
I love the heat! The heat is simply marvelous! (I didn’t think I would ever refer to 68 degrees as heat – but, live and learn)

Also, thinking this weekend was gonna be cold, I made some marvelous black lentil soup, using the black lentils my mom came across and shared with me Maggie Beauty.

I was tempted to use these lentils like Ash @ Food Fashion Party did in her savory waffles, but, my blender was not co-operating – so I went with soup – lentil soup is one of my favorites, so I figure why not make it with black lentils.

These lentils held up their texture and shape even after 30 minutes of swimming around in a pool of boiling vegetable stock! I found them to be not as absorbing of the flavors they were surrounded by as their brown and orange counterparts, but instead, had their own distinct taste. Thrown in with a ton of good for you ginger, garlic, onions, and turmeric this soup hit the spot – even on a warm day Maggie beauty!

it works out nevertheless

It was about time that I post a Pizza recipe from scratch and today I am doing that by sharing my Mini Pizza Recipe with Mushrooms! I took ages because we had a little yeast problem here. Well, you see I wasn’t the only one trying to solve the yeast issue and so to get the yeast dough to rise as it is suppose to. I might have been miserable in cooking during my college education but I certainly never ever encountered a malheure with yeast doughs at the time, so the mistake couldn’t have been mine. Yet, I was deeply ashamed when it happened the first time and again and again… “Luckily” I wasn’t alone and our friend and french pastry expert here was hitting her head on the wall, because her yeast dough didn’t want to rise either. This had to be changed and we were on a mission cheap rack server!

She tried to get some fluffy yeast dough done with french yeast. It didn’t work. I tried with Indian yeast many times before and let’s just say they shouldn’t sell this stuff if it’s not working! Then I got some German fresh yeast and dry yeast back in November and the whole scene started to change, finally something was moving and the dough was rising! At that point I had included a new tactic by keeping the dough in a preheated oven and that might have triggered the solution at the same time. The fresh yeast of course was working miracles and the dough almost reached it’s normal rising size, just the way I was used to in Europe, but and here comes the but, the fresh yeast couldn’t be stored for too long. So for now I still have a few dry yeast packets from Europe and they have been working pretty fine. Of course nothing grows as much as it does in Europe but it works out nevertheless QV Baby cream.

Now apparently high humidity is suppose to be good for the rising of yeast, yet I heard other sources say something else so I am still confused. The difference between Europe and India could be the flour quality, but that’s something I am not an expert in. It’s just too difficult to say which flour is more suitable for the rising of yeast electric ac motor

I know you guys must have seen

It’s the weekend! So naturally I’m happy, I love my weekends. Weekends are what I live for.

Now as I sit here and write to you, trying to pour my heart out to you, I am basically forced to listen to Geddy Lee. The hand model’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and being the awesome wife that I am, I got him what he wanted, cause I’m just great that way. He wanted a turntable, so I got him a pretty good one. Well of course this was not the end of it. We did not have any records anymore, so he did his research and found out this big store in Calgary called Record Land and on his birthday we went there and got some records. This place is huge, and you have rows of records from floor to ceiling. I was almost claustrophobic in there, but I patiently waited while he looked around and picked out some records Video.

Again that was not the end of that. Now on weekends and sometimes at night, he’ll go to his man cave, a.k.a. the basement and play some records. He even went as far as building a crate to store the records in. I have to admit the crate looks pretty good. But this is not the problem. The problem is the music. It’s all 80’s music. Now I’m an 80’s child (sort of) and I love 80’s music as well, but Geddy Lee? Or Depeche Mode? I mean I loved Depeche Mode in the 80’s, but I’m over it. Or heavy metal music, OMG! I’m such an awesome wife that I once even went to an Iron Maiden concert with him. Well that was an experience I’ll never forget.

But here’s the deal, you guys. Let’s forget about music and focus on potatoes. I love my potatoes. Any kind of potatoes, baked, roasted, fried, smashed, mashed, any way you can think of cooking potatoes, I’m there. So as you can imagine whenever I find another new way of cooking potatoes, I’m all over it YOOX hk.

Now I know you guys must have seen these potatoes all over the world wide web, so maybe I’m a little slow here, but I’ve never made these puppies before until now. I’ve been meaning to, don’t get me wrong, but just never made them. So while looking around the web and trying to figure out which version to make, I decided to go with the blogging queen’s version, the pioneer woman.

As usual, I have not met a potato I haven’t liked before, and these potatoes were fabulous and we loved them. They were gone as fast as I was done taking pictures. So if you love your starchy potatoes, then you might want to add this to your repertoire of recipes YOOX hk.

I bet red quinoa would look really pretty

So here I am with another salad recipe again and you might be wondering what’s wrong with me. Where are all the baked goods and desserts? But bear with me here and hear me out. This salad is fabulous! It’s Ah-Mazing!!! It’s out of this world, it’s that good!

And being on my forever quest to get my husband to eat more quinoa, I thought this salad was very appropriate for our dinner tonight. To him, just the thought of quinoa puts him off and would rather not eat a thing. So, as usual, I try and find creative and delicious ways to hide/camouflage quinoa in salads, casseroles, or whatever.

But sometimes I’m not too successful in hiding the quinoa and as he was putzing around the kitchen tonight and saw me cooking quinoa, I saw his face change and the color in his face fade away. And with a very disappointed face he mumbled “I know I said I wanted to eat healthier food, but I meant eat one sausage instead of 2.” And off to his man cave he disappeared.

Luckily, I don’t always listen to him, so I continued on with my mission to make this salad super delicious contrary to the mumbles and grumbles I was receiving.

But let’s be real here. How can this salad not be delicious. Let’s check out some of the ingredients. Mangos! I love a good mango. And I had the perfect ripe mango. Shredded coconut, raisins, slivered almonds, edamame!

Now I used parsley here, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of cilantro, and secondly because I didn’t have any cilantro. But I’m pretty sure cilantro would be great in this salad, so if you have it, please use it. I also used gold and black quinoa here, but any kind of quinoa would work. I bet red quinoa would look really pretty too.

Look at all those gorgeous colors. I for one am in love with this salad and am super excited that I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

And by the way, even the grumpy hubs had some and said that, while it was good, he felt his arteries clear up as he was eating it, that’s how healthy it was. You know what? I’ll take that as a compliment!


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