I could eat this pie forever

Jabadabadoooo! It’s cherry pie! And it’s vegan. Made from all healthy ingredients. What, no butter or sugar? How dare you call it a pie, you might be thinking. But guys, in all seriousness. I could eat this pie forever.

This is what I should have made for dessert when we had people over for dinner the other night. And yes, I would serve it to other people, that’s how good it is. (But then again, I would also eat the entire pie by myself, so who am I to judge VOIP service?)

Anyway, dinner the other night. You know how it’s always a bad idea to not test a new recipe before you have guests over? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Test, shmest. That’s pretty much what went through my head when I thought it would be an amazing idea to make a frozen Tiramisu cake. I mean, how amazing does that sound? Frozen. Tiramisu. Cake. Never mind how amazing the sound of its name, it was not pleasant to eat at all. It may have been the recipe, it may have been the weird combination of soggy, thawed ladyfingers and rock-hard frozen something in between. The gist of it? Don’t make frozen Tiramisu for your guests. Make this cherry pie instead! You can even brag about its glorious healthy ingredients if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s funny how I have developed such a love affair with this cherry pie when I didn’t even know about cherry pie until a few years ago. Shocking, right? How can a childhood be a real childhood without cherry pie? But what do you know, I did eventually get acquainted with the glorious combination of cherries and pie crust. And how did I get acquainted with it? How else than with the legendary song. “She’s my cherry pie” (which is the only part of the lyrics I will ever remember) ran through my head over and over again for weeks. Until I just had to try the real thing. And boy, does it rock Business Education!

And this thingy here is even better. I do get sugary, buttery, flakey pie. But sometimes you really don’t want to wreck your diet. Or you just don’t feel like eating a gazillion calories in a sliver of something so small you can’t even identify it. Or you just want dessert to be healthy because that’s how you role. And that’s totally cool because this is the perfect recipe for you!

Now I’d be lying if I told you this pie is as easy as making it from a frozen crust and canned cherry pie filling. It is probably even a tad more complicated to make than a pie from scratch with a regular pie crust. But let’s just review: You will end up with an awesomely tasty cherry pie. Which is vegan. And good for you. SO worth working just a little harder for vintage tube!



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