it works out nevertheless

It was about time that I post a Pizza recipe from scratch and today I am doing that by sharing my Mini Pizza Recipe with Mushrooms! I took ages because we had a little yeast problem here. Well, you see I wasn’t the only one trying to solve the yeast issue and so to get the yeast dough to rise as it is suppose to. I might have been miserable in cooking during my college education but I certainly never ever encountered a malheure with yeast doughs at the time, so the mistake couldn’t have been mine. Yet, I was deeply ashamed when it happened the first time and again and again… “Luckily” I wasn’t alone and our friend and french pastry expert here was hitting her head on the wall, because her yeast dough didn’t want to rise either. This had to be changed and we were on a mission cheap rack server!

She tried to get some fluffy yeast dough done with french yeast. It didn’t work. I tried with Indian yeast many times before and let’s just say they shouldn’t sell this stuff if it’s not working! Then I got some German fresh yeast and dry yeast back in November and the whole scene started to change, finally something was moving and the dough was rising! At that point I had included a new tactic by keeping the dough in a preheated oven and that might have triggered the solution at the same time. The fresh yeast of course was working miracles and the dough almost reached it’s normal rising size, just the way I was used to in Europe, but and here comes the but, the fresh yeast couldn’t be stored for too long. So for now I still have a few dry yeast packets from Europe and they have been working pretty fine. Of course nothing grows as much as it does in Europe but it works out nevertheless QV Baby cream.

Now apparently high humidity is suppose to be good for the rising of yeast, yet I heard other sources say something else so I am still confused. The difference between Europe and India could be the flour quality, but that’s something I am not an expert in. It’s just too difficult to say which flour is more suitable for the rising of yeast electric ac motor



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