These lentils held up their texture

It is still winter here…and since I have spent most of my weekend, with my mom and daughter in hospital, waiting on a prognosis for my dad, I hadn’t really checked the temperature. Seeing, we were in the teens and twenties the beginning of the week, I bundled up thinking it would be cold this weekend too. But, when my daughter and I decided to stretch our legs and walk around outside, I was sweating like I had run a mile Maggie Beauty
Came in to find out that it was 68 degrees here today!Feeling Good
I love the heat! The heat is simply marvelous! (I didn’t think I would ever refer to 68 degrees as heat – but, live and learn)

Also, thinking this weekend was gonna be cold, I made some marvelous black lentil soup, using the black lentils my mom came across and shared with me Maggie Beauty.

I was tempted to use these lentils like Ash @ Food Fashion Party did in her savory waffles, but, my blender was not co-operating – so I went with soup – lentil soup is one of my favorites, so I figure why not make it with black lentils.

These lentils held up their texture and shape even after 30 minutes of swimming around in a pool of boiling vegetable stock! I found them to be not as absorbing of the flavors they were surrounded by as their brown and orange counterparts, but instead, had their own distinct taste. Thrown in with a ton of good for you ginger, garlic, onions, and turmeric this soup hit the spot – even on a warm day Maggie beauty!



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